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Let's Work Together To Make Your Next Project Smarter.

Think Of Us As Your New Technology Coach

As a specialist Smart Building Consultancy, we form an integral part of your project design and delivery team.  We help to shape how technology will add exceptional value to your project, provide great user experiences, support your sustainability objectives and deliver significantly improved operational efficiency.

We help your project team by effectively acting as your


Principal Technology Consultant;


Technology Project Manager; and


Independent Technology Commissioning Agent.

We understand what it takes to succeed.

Having worked for decades with hands-on technology project management experience, we recognise the complexities and nuances of what is required to create successful and creative project outcomes.

Meld understands that the effort required to apply technical engineering is far less than the actual human engineering required to lead, communicate, plan and negotiate successful project outcomes.

We take accountability.

In our consulting role, we facilitate and take accountability for a coordinated design approach to the specification, implementation and delivery of technologies into a building, workplace or precinct’s design across a range of engineering and technology disciplines.

We understand technology holistically.

Our technology skill sets enable us to help your project team by...


Balancing a deep understanding of human behaviours, desired user experiences, design aesthetics and operational requirements;


Implementing creative technology design solutions that are user-friendly and cognisant of the pragmatics of constructability.

We work as part of your team.

We work seamlessly as a part of your project team.

We coordinate with your development team, marketing team, architect, services engineers, ESD consultant, builder, master systems integrator, network systems integrator, and other key stakeholders and specialists.

Our Process

Meld has developed and evolved a unique Smart Building Design methodology based on the phases of Strategy, Design and Implementation.

Our streamlined processes recognise that achieving innovative design outcomes requires a solid strategic approach founded on extensive experience, comprehensive research, a deep understanding of various stakeholder value propositions, clear documentation and a diligent, agile implementation capability.

Implementation Design Smart Building Design Strategy Document Coordinate Project Manage Test Handover Design Review Ideate
Smart Building Design: Strategy, Design, Implementation

Our Services

We love applying our knowledge and expertise of technology to help our clients create truly innovative project outcomes.

Professional Consulting and Project Management Services.

Meld provides full end-to-end services over the complete project lifecycle.

Strategic Planning

Technology Masterplanning

Technology Cost Planning and Budgeting

Concept Designs

Technology Specifications

User Experience Design

Technology System Procurement

User Acceptance Testing

Facilities Management Systems Training

Site, Project and Peer Reviews

Building Technology Audits

Contact us for a full list of services.

Smart Building Accreditation Services

Meld Strategies has Accredited Professional status in the following Smart Building and Sustainability accreditation schemes.

WiredScore logo


Meld Strategies has Accredited Professional status in the following Smart Building and Sustainability accreditation schemes.

SmartScore logo


A global digital connectivity certification system that helps landlords understand, improve, benchmark and communicate their smart buildings’ user functionality and technological foundations.

Greenstar logo

Green Star

An internationally recognised sustainability rating system that offers a framework of best practice sustainability benchmarks for buildings and communities.

Our WiredScore and SmartScore Accredited Professionals assess, validate and oversee the accreditation of your next Smart Building project to achieve a Platinum, Gold or Silver rating.

Our GBCA Accredited Professionals provide insights and design advice on the technology and smart building features used to support the Green Star rating of the building as agreed with your ESD consultant.