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Livestream Recording: IBcon Conference 'The Status of Smart Buildings in Australia'

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Recorded as a livestream from the IBcon 2022 Intelligent Building Conference, held in Orlando Florida, the topic is 'Global Best Practices: Status of Smart Buildings in Australia' Go to

Positioned as a global innovator in #smartbuildings, Australia has proven to be a leader in advancing the #nextgen of #buildings. This #RealcommLive Conference Edition features a lively discussion on the state of smart buildings in Australia between Mirvac’s Ramesh Narayanan and David Palin and Meld Strategies’ Bruce Duyshart.

Last week I had a great chat at the Realcomm Smart Building Conference in Orlando, called IBcon, on the 'State of the Australian Smart Building Industry' with Ramesh Narayanan and David Palin from Mirvac. It was a great discussion on topics such as What are Australians known for?

Who are some of the innovative, internationally recognised Australian companies such as Bueno, Sine - A Honeywell company, Equiem, Switch Automation, etc.

What is the Current market awareness of Smart Buildings in Australia?

What is unique about the Australian market?

Current issues in the market and a whole lot more...

It was only 10 minutes, but lots of fun to unpack our insights. Thanks David and Ram for sharing and for Realcomm for letting us highlight Australian innovation!

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