UTS - Smart Campus Masterplan

Ultimo, NSW



As part of the UTS Campus Masterplan, a vision for the technological integration of the built environment and user needs necessitated the development of a Smart Campus Masterplan.

It is envisaged that a Smart Campus will deliver a better more connected user experience for the UTS campus. A Smart Campus will increase efficiencies, reduce cost and increase assets value across a range of areas including space and energy utilisation, security and emergency management and assets management.

This project was initiated in June 2014 and lead by the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Resources. It has been positioned to support the objectives of the current UTS 10-year strategic vision 2009-2018 and the current UTS City Campus Masterplan.


Project engagement on this Masterplanning project was in the following areas:

  • Project and Site Assessment

  • Photographic Documentation

  • Building Systems Audit (in collaboration with Zamatech)

  • Strategy Development

  • Stakeholder Interviews

  • Workshops

  • Research

  • Industry Competitive Analysis

  • Bluesky Workshop

  • Report writing

  • Presentations

  • Final UTS Smart Campus Masterplan report (401 pages)


Meld Strategies was engaged by the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Resources to research and develop a Smart Campus Masterplan.

The data extracted is to be used for energy monitoring, building dashboards and information screens in lifts and directory boards.

University of Technology, Sydney




February 2015