Mirvac Gets Smarter, Things In Parks, Talks We've Made.

Phew.. It’s finally here! Welcome to our new Meld website. 

Out with the old and in with the new. We’ve given our website a fresh digital makeover to better express our mission, the way we work and to provide an outline of the types of projects we have been recently working on.

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Smart Building // Mirvac Tenancy - 200 George Street

Meanwhile, our work at Mirvac’s fantastic new Sydney Head Office, the FJMT designed 2oo George Street, is progressing at a cracking pace. Having worked with Mirvac to develop a Smart Workplace strategy, we’re now busy bringing together a range of exciting innovations that will make this one of the most technologically advanced and connected workplaces in Australia. We’re responsible for implementing an extensive range of metering & monitoring systems per tenancy floor. One floor will contain a Living Lab full of sensors that will measure the performance of the unique closed cavity facade, the structural slab and the indoor environment quality. Staff and visitors will then be able to see all of this data via building dashboards and a great new Smartphone app. Watch this space…

(We spoke about the Mirvac HQ project at the recent WorkTech event held last month. See story below).

For more on 200 George, go here.

Smart Thing // City Art Smart Plaque

In case you missed it… from time to time we also work on smaller proof of concept pilot technology projects. This is a great way for clients to explore and familiarise themselves with new technologies in a real world setting without betting the farm.

Meld Strategies recently worked with the City of Sydney ‘City Art’ Smart Plaque trial to develop a modern, contemporary solution that integrates art, physical signage, and smart phone technology with a mobile app. An art installation in Hyde Park Sydney called Yininmadyemi, by Artist Tony Albert, was used as the basis for the trial. The key objective of the project was to demonstrate and trial the use of iBeacon technology and how it can interact with the City of Sydney ‘Culture Walks’ App to connect visitors to more interactive audio and visual content than offered from a traditional static bronze plaque.

See more of this project here.


Upcoming Event // Media Architecture Biennale 2016

Coming up in June, Bruce will be speaking at the Media Architecture Biennale about the future of digital placemaking. This is part of a program of events and forums exchanging ideas about the intersection of architecture, media and interaction design. MAB16 brings together architects, designers, artists, academia, government and industry in a shared exploration of how technology and digital media as part of a ‘Smart Cities’ approach can lead to more liveable city environments.

For more information on the program of events, click here, and for tickets click here

Event Recap // The Symbiosis of Smart Buildings and Smart Workplaces - Bruce Duyshart at WORKTECH16

Bruce recently spoke at WorkTech16, an event that brings together leading property developers and design professionals to talk and learn about the future of technology in the workplace.

See the video of Bruce’s presentation on Smart Buildings and Smart workplaces here, and the slideshow here

P.S. Here are some things we have really liked this month

  • Watch out. This engineer replaced his 4 monitors with Meta glasses — it might be the future of work http://flip.it/SRCR   #smartworkplace

  • Want the economy to grow? It’s time to look at cities and efficiency http://flip.it/D7Jvz  #SmartCities

  • Don’t laugh: This networked trash can actually is a good idea http://flip.it/eTPaP  #innovation #IoT