The Future Of Wayfinding


Two years ago BrandCulture approached Meld Strategies to work with them to develop a campus wide digital wayfinding strategy and system to complement the new UTS signage designed by Frost* design. At long last, the first of seven wayfinding totems have finally been installed. The results are stunning.

The complex geometry of the totems required a range of cutting edge design techniques including computer modelling to create 3D printed maquettes, use of 1 to 1 details to prove construction techniques, and the sourcing of special hinging mechanisms to access the electronics from as far afield as France.

Internally, a whole range of technologies had to be incorporated including a WiFi hotspot, security cameras a video screen and a unique digital wayfinding insert that incorporates NFC, QR code and iBeacon technology. The wayfiding elements of the signage allow users to lookup a map of the university, locate rooms, see contents of the sign in front of them, translate the sign, read the contents of the sign out using text-to-speech technology.

The end result? A wayfinding totem far smarter than your average sign and certainly a sign of things to come.

A sign of Technology Current Features.jpg