February Smart Bytes

2016 has been off to a busy start at Meld. We are currently working on some really groundbreaking, innovative projects on Smart Cities, Smart Precincts, Smart Buildings and Smart Things.

What we have been working on

Mirvac HQ

Mirvac's new Sydney Head Office at 200 George Street is a milestone on the journey towards an ambitious goal to create Smarter BUildings and Smarter Workplaces that will shape the way we all work and live in the future. Meld Strategies is working with Mirvac to develop a range of smart building features to the base building and Mirvac HQ tenancy.

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Parramatta Square

Parramatta Square provides an unprecedented opportunity to deliver an outcome that sets Parramatta apart as 'Australia's Next Great City' and places it on the world stage as the leading example of a Smart City.

Following on from the work Meld Strategies undertook to develop a Smart City Masterplan for Parramatta, we have now developed a draft Technology Masterplan for Parramatta Square.

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Arc by Crown

Meanwhile, Meld has also been working with Crown Group on a range of residential apartment projects. Meld has been engaged to develop an overall technology strategy, technology concept designs and functional requirements to suit a range of energy monitoring, embedded network and integrated technology features. The Arc by Crown project is a prestigious residential development in the heart of Sydney CBD.

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There are also some great events coming up that we are attending and/or speaking at:

The Tipping Point
February 18 2016

We will be attending 'The Tipping Point', where the day will kick off with Switch Automation, Intel and Microsoft over a free breakfast, delicious coffee and a refreshing dose of honest discussion about Smart Building and trends we are seeing in building management.

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WORKTECH 16 Sydney
February 23 2016

We will be speaking at the WORKTECH 16 Conference, a forum for all those involved in the future of work and the workplace as well as real estate, technology and innovation. 

WORKTECH 16 Sydney will attract some of the biggest and brightest names to debate, discuss and divulge the latest thinking on the Future of Work and the Workplace.

Hope to see you there.

P.S. Here are some things we have really liked this month

  • Siri, Alexa are you listening? Will computerised voices ever sound human? – http://bit.ly/1mBLpKe
  • Wow… Why can’t all parking structures look like this? House of Cars: 8 Stunning Parking Structure Designs – http://flip.it/JslQn
  • This new tech could power smartphone for a week – http://flip.it/dG8hB
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