Mirvac Smart Tenancy Living Lab

200 George Street, Sydney, NSW



As part of the Mirvac Smart Tenancy project, Meld Strategies developed a ‘Living Lab’ at Mirvac HQ.

The Living Lab will provide tenancy performance feedback with the objective to provide an ongoing design feedback loop that will help designers to assess the performance of both the base building and the Mirvac tenancy.


Project engagement on this Smart Tenancy App project was in the following areas:

  • Research
  • Strategy Development
  • Documentation
  • Concept Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Presentations
  • Functional Requirements
  • Design Co-ordination
  • Project Management


The basis of the strategy was to use sensors and meters to capture real time information on the current conditions of the indoor environment and the building structure.

All data is stored in a cloud based database that can be used by multiple analytics and dashboard systems.

The solution makes use of a range of sensors and meters from different manufacturers working together to help inform the staff, visitors and facilities managers of the current performance of the Mirvac tenancy floors.