City Of Parramatta - Smart City Masterplan

Parramatta, NSW



The Project was to develop the City of Parramatta’s Smart City Masterplan.

Parramatta is on the move. Widespread redevelopment is happening across the Parramatta Local Government Area. Businesses, residents, workers and visitors are beginning to see a new Parramatta unfold before them. Over $8 billion is currently being invested in a range of building and construction opportunities. Parramatta is developing a world-class city and has positioned itself as “Australia’s Next Great City”.

Internationally, cities around the world like Parramatta are raising the bar on what it means to be a great city. Underpinning this drive is the need for a combination of: good urban planning, improved governance, innovative technologies and better community and business collaboration that will result in what is known as a Smart City.

Smart Cities achieve these outcomes using advancements in the capabilities of smarter infrastructure and the use of information and communications technology to sense, collect and analyse data for use by Council, local businesses and the community in meaningful ways.


Project engagement on this Smart City Masterplan project was in the following areas:

  • State, regional and local government assessment
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Documentation Reviews
  • Strategy Development
  • Project Management
  • Technology Systems Audit (by Zamatech)
  • Workshops
  • Ideation
  • Presentations
  • Mapping
  • Report writing
  • Part 1 – Parramatta Smart City Masterplan (60 pages)
  • Part 2 – Towards a Smart City (341 pages)


Meld Strategies was approached by the City of Parramatta to develop a Smart City Masterplan that would support the ambition to become ‘Australia’s Next Great City’.

The Masterplanning process undertaken involved extensive documentation reviews, systems audits and stakeholder interviews. The resulting documents encapsulated  a strategy for Parramatta to become a Smart City. The strategy defined, vision, mission, guiding principles, a Smart City Framework and case examples for a range of potential Smart City initiatives.

Parramatta City Council




August 2015