Title: Smart Buildings. Better Expriences.
Author: Bruce Duyshart
Publisher: Connected Spaces Publishing, 2014
ISBN: 978099231540
Length: 354 pages
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Smarter Buildings. Better Experiences is the first pragmatic guide written to help property developers and design professionals to strategise, innovate and connect with technology in property.

Written in a non-technical style, this book outlines the ‘Intelligent Property Design’ approach to making buildings smarter, more efficient, more sustainable and safer. The end result? Better user experiences.
This book cuts through the complex jargon often associated with technology by guiding the reader in 3 parts through:

  1. A vision for technology in property.
  2. New technology concepts in property design.
  3. The Intelligent Property Design Framework.

Smarter Buildings. Better Experiences is written for property industry professionals who want to take advantage of the exciting and evolving world of technology but don’t know where or how to start.


Title: The Digital Document: A Reference for Architects, Engineers and Design Professionals
Author: Bruce Duyshart
Publisher: Architectural Press (Butterworth-Heinemann) now Taylor & Francis, 1997
ISBN: 0750636025, 9780750636025
Length: 256 pages
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Documents, such as drawings, memos and specifications, form an essential function in the design and construction industry. Throughout the lifecycle of a built asset, starting from an initial design idea, right through to a final built form and its ongoing management, thousands, even millions of documents can be used to convey various forms of information to a range of interested parties. In many ways, therefore, the success of a design, or construction-based company, relies upon an understanding of the use of documents, as well as the technologies and techniques that are used to create them. This book explores the role of documents in a professional practice and examines the components, capabilities, viability, and use of digital documents in the design and construction industry. It identifies and explains many of the standards in use today.

procurement strategies.png

Title: Procurement Strategies: A Relationship-based Approach
Author(s): Derek Walker (Editor), Keith Hampson (Editor)
Chapter 6: Co-author Bruce Duyshart
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell, 2003
ISBN: 0632058862, 9780632058860
Length: 320 pages
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Construction has been an industry characterised by disputes, fierce competitiveness and fragmentation – all major obstacles to development. Now, however, a relationship-based approach to project procurement, through partnering and alliancing, aims to bring about a fundamental change. This book addresses the critical relationship issues for a more collaborative and sustainable construction industry. It looks at how project procurement and project alliancing partner selection works, and how risk and crisis resolution are managed. It provides readers with guidance and models on how to put a relationship-based approach to procurement into practice, drawing on specific prototypes from an actual, successful project that can be adapted.