What We Do

Our strategic planning and design consultancy specialises in facilitating ground-breaking technology solutions and outcomes for premium, A-grade commercial, luxury residential apartment buildings, retailmixed-use precincts, campuses and cities.

We reviewresearch and ideate to identify a clear strategy as to why and how technology can bring value to your property development, based upon an understanding of genuine business needs and desired outcomes.

We provide a range of services that turns your strategy into reality through the stages of concept design, detailed design and implementation.

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Who We Are

We are futurists that think ahead about how the world of technology affects property environments;

- technology strategists with expertise in planning, design and construction;

- innovators that are constantly researching, challenging and investigating new and creative solutions;

- advocates for technologies that support sustainable outcomes;

- designers that focus on the importance of user experience over technical brilliance;

- facilitators and mediators that bring clarity and context to development and design teams;

- educators that demystify the complexities of technology and turns them into digestible concepts;

- expectation managers that cut through technology marketing hyperbole; and

- pragmatists that ensure solution designs are realistic and cost effective.

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What We Offer

We work with property development teams to define the context, rationale and business benefits of relevant technologies.

We create clear technology development briefs that  benefit the entire design team.

We develop technology concept designs that efficiently communicate how integrations will occur between systems and across a range of engineering disciplines.

We specify functional requirements documentation that defines the design principles, open protocols, open standards and demarcations necessary to successfully integrate technologies in a non-proprietary fashion.

We oversee the detailed design process to ensure architectural and engineering designs are aligned to the strategy and concepts of the original brief.

We act as your trusted advisor during implementation to ensure that your best interests are maintained, risks are mitigated, design integrity is upheld and that equity, privacy and security of data is maintained at all times.



Our Philosophy

At Meld Strategies our mission is to create smarter buildings and better experiences working the world’s leading property developers and design professionals.

There are very few companies in the industry that have the depth of knowledge and experience to coherently deal with the diverse skill sets of both technology and property development.

Our uniqueness is our capability for innovative design thinking based on a centralised, comprehensive and holistic view of technology.

Meld brings a lot of knowledge to the table that supports the process of innovative project thinking. Our knowledge is based upon 50 years of first hand property industry experience, working on a range of industry specific software and web applications, technology infrastructures, telecommunications, mobile computing and automation systems.

We fundamentally understand the intersection of technology and property and are able to provide a balancedstandards-based,  independent and vendor agnostic view of your technology needs based upon an understanding of your business requirements in two key areas:

 Competitive Necessity – What technologies are essential for your building, precinct or city to stay competitive in current and future markets?

 Competitive Differentiation – What technologies can you integrate into your building, precinct or city that will differentiate you from your competitors?

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Our Approach

Our unique point of difference is a credible mix of backgrounds in the fields of architecture, planning, design and technology.


We understand your business, project site and competitive landscape. We understand the process and language of design. We ideate how people can use technology to simplify, connect, communicate and protect their properties. We then identify strategic opportunities and design goals as part of a Technology Masterplan.


We create great technology development briefs. We clarify design intent. anticipate future needs and translate between different technology and property requirements. We facilitate across traditionally siloed design disciplines. We vigorously uphold the usability and design aesthetic of technology use and the openness of systems to more easily share data.


We mitigate delivery risk and safeguard design intent in construction. We ensure solutions are rigorously scenario tested and that systems have the right support services in place.

Our ultimate goal is to help clients create highly valued and sustainable property solutions that provide better user experiences through the innovative use of technology.



Our Services

We ensure clients achieve successful property outcomes by holistically considering a comprehensive list of over 300 potential building technologies and extensively researched products and suppliers that our team offers dynamic, insightful planning and design advice on technology design approaches such including:

–  Smart Building Design
–  Smart Campus & Smart Precinct Design
–  Smart City Masterplanning
–  Placemaking Technologies
–  Experiential Technologies
–  Building Automation Systems
–  Building Management Systems
–  Environmental Engineering Systems
–  Safety & Security Systems
–  Energy Monitoring Systems
–  Building and Precinct Monitoring Dashboards
–  Ultra High-speed Internet
–  Telecommunications Services
–  Digital Antenna Systems
–  Fibre to the Premise Networks
–  Integrated Communications Networks
–  WiFi Networks
–  Automated People Counting & Spatial Analysis
–  Location Based Services Solutions
–  Internet of Things
–  Wearable and Personal Computing
–  Digital Wayfinding
–  Digital Signage
–  Media Facades
–  Specialist Software
–  Smartphone Applications


–  Site & Project Reviews
–  Market & Technology Research
–  Bluesky & Ideation Workshops
–  Strategic Planning
–  Marketing Pitches
–  Technology Education Workshops
–  Executive Coaching
–  Board, Executive & Development Team Presentations


–  Concept Design
–  Schematic Design
–  Functional Requirements Documentation
–  Design Development


–  Project Co-Ordination
–  Procurement Support
–  Risk Management
–  Quality Management
–  Practical Completion Reviews
–  Support Contract Review



Our Team



Founder and Director,
BPD, BArch(Hons.), M.Arch., Aff, AIA




Technology Design Services Manager,




Building Services Consultant,
MEng, BEng(Elec) Hons




Senior Engineering Consultant,
B.Eng, LEED AP, GSAP, MIEAust, NABERS Assessor




Senior Project Manager,
MBA (Tech), MAIB




Project Manager - Smart Buildings





Awards received from a range of project work over our careers.

- Sydney Design Awards – Gold Winner (Wayfinding) in collaboration with BrandCulture (2015)
- International IBCon ‘Digie’ Award – Best Intelligent Building Project – Multi Family (2013)
- National iAward (Merit) “Sustainability and Green IT” Australian Information Industry Association, Australian Computer Society (2012)
- NSW iAward “Sustainability and Green IT” Australian Information Industry Association, Australian Computer Society (2012)
- National Excellence Award – Australian Institute of Building – (2001)
- Professional Excellence in Building Award – Australian Institute of Building (2001)
- Engineering Excellence Award (Highly Commended) – Australian Institute of Engineers (2001)
- Lotusphere AP Star Award (Team Award) for ProjectWeb – Winner Best eBusiness Solution (2000)
- Lotusphere AP Star Award (Team Award) for ProjectWeb – Winner Best Industry Solution (2000)
- Lend Lease Creative and Innovative Award (1999)
- Malcolm Rose Memorial Award – Association of Computer Aided Design – Travel Scholarship (1994)
- Yarrabank Housing Design Competition (Student Division) – Ministry of Housing (1990)